Thursday, October 27, 2011

Can coconut oil help fight infections?

We’ve already seen that coconut oil can help fight a variety of infections and that it aids your immune system thanks to the fatty acids such as lauric acid and capric acid. However the natural health benefits of coconut oil actually go far far beyond this as it is a versatile treatment for a variety of internal and external infections. It is these we are going to examine in this chapter.
Firstly then externally coconut oil can be used to treat a variety of skin afflictions and is brilliant for cuts, scrapes and bruises.
On your skin virgin coconut oil is aptly suited to preventing common skin afflictions such as eczema and other rashes as it creates an impermeable layer of oil between your skin and the air. Whilst usually this would result in your skin becoming unhealthy and not being able to breathe properly the chemical composition of coconut oil actually aerates the skin and moisturises it at the same time. You shouldn't keep yourself covered in coconut oil twenty four seven but applying a layer twice a day will keep your skin irritations safely at bay and leave you with healthier skin.
On cuts, bruises and scrapes virgin coconut oil helps in the same way as above - by keeping the area free from infection. Yet the moisturising effects also help heal the skin by giving it the nutrients it needs to rejuvenate and repair skin tissue. The nutrients in coconut oil not only help heal your skin but they also help tighten the skin - this is great for removing stretch marks and minimising scar tissue.
Secondly the enzymes in coconut oil are known to kill many viruses including influenza, measles, herpes, hepatitis and SARS. This means that coconut oil can actually protect you from catching some of the worst diseases we are exposed to in the modern world. The enzymes work by simply decomposing the harmful bacteria- thereby neutralising any potential they have to create negative effects.
Thirdly coconut oil is a great treatment for candidiasis and other yeast infections
Organic coconut oil is one of the most efficient natural health aids in fighting candida off completely. Changing your diet in this simple way can really help relieve you of candiasis forever.
Candida is notoriously hard to remove from the body as the source of the infection is not necessarily the same as the location of the infection itself.
Candida grows in a low PH and overly toxic environment. If you are overweight, eat a lot of junk food or underweight and sedentary your bodies skin and immune system are less tolerant, meaning you are likely to develop candida or yeast infections much more frequently.
In your diet coconut oil helps bolster the immune system as well as being a much better source of saturated fat than junk food helping you to actually lose weight whilst still maintaining a balanced diet.
Applied externally the nutrients in coconut oil help to protect your skin and create a barrier to external free radicals meaning that repeat infections are unlikely. The topical application of coconut oil will also help soothe the skin meaning you won't suffer from as much irritation. Coconut oil acts as a fungicide by literally breaking down the fungus and stymying further fungal growth.
This makes coconut oil one of the best natural health remedies to a huge variety of common afflictions. It really is a wonder of the natural world and you’d be remiss not to buy some today.

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